Property Management

Property Management

With over 15 years of management experience with our property, we are experts dedicated to focusing on your needs for your home. As a Port St. Charles home owner, you are always satisfied that our considerable experience, expertise and talent are all being pooled to deliver the most hassle free ownership experience you will have across your property or portfolio of properties.

Our Property management department ensures that your home is fully checked often for any Maintenance or Housekeeping issues. Our property managers are trained and have a checklist of all items and areas to check within your home. Our Property management team solves challenges and if necessary report maintenance or housekeeping issues to you via email or telephone, so excellent communication is our number one priority. This convenient service in the Management program also provides payment of bills from your account and provides a monthly invoice for your records.

If return on investment is what you’re after then you’ve placed your trust in the right team. We offer a tenacious sales and reservations staff whose only mission is to ensure that your property is maintained to our exacting standards and manages all reservations year round. We aim to ensure that your home is well looked after and maintained according to your wishes and like that creating a hassle free experience for you as a home owner or a holiday guest.

We aim to provide you with the highest level service in managing your home.

To contact our Property Management Department, please contact Natalie Rowe at

Smooth Sailing with Expert Property Management

Our specialized property management services cater to the unique needs of luxury marine villas and apartments. From maintenance and yacht concierge services to seamless guest experiences, we ensure your waterfront property is impeccably managed, allowing you to relax and enjoy the tranquil beauty of life on the water.


From serene retreats to vibrant waterfront lifestyles, each property embodies versatility, allowing you to find the perfect oasis tailored to your unique taste and desires.

Quality Inventory

Our luxury marine villa and apartment portfolio showcases an epitome of quality, where every residence exudes sophistication, impeccable craftsmanship, and unforgettable experiences, offering a haven of refined luxury amidst the beauty of the marine world.

Hassle Free Process

From seamless bookings to attentive concierge services, we ensure that every aspect of your stay in our luxury marine villas and apartments is meticulously taken care of, allowing you to unwind and indulge in a truly extraordinary waterfront retreat.



This beautifully furnished ground floor apartment is located on the island in the middle of the lagoon, surrounded by lush tropical gardens, overlooking the beautiful lagoon, this little gem offers a unique combination of privacy and elegant comfort.


“Beautiful marina setting, swimming pool and swim up bar in the middle of the lagoon was amazing. Water taxi to the beach or restaurant was also amazing.”

Carle, United Kingdom

“The people working at Port St Charles made our experience absolutely fantastic. We loved our lunches at Pier 1 as well!”

Herman, Canada